Thursday, June 28, 2007

Welcome to the paddock

Some weird irony I kick this off the day internet broadcasters across the world have dubbed “Day of Silence” But here I am, my voice on the net, my pixel paddock.

This will be my take on online, media, advertising, 2.0, local and global. Google v Microsoft v Yahoo v startups, Facebook v Myspace, Mac v PC, iPhone v my brand spanking new N95, as I type Hughesy is promoting websites on primetime, it's a digital land grab, a bonanza, and it's an exciting time to be online.

Mobile's about to be turned on it's head with tommorows launch of the iPhone in the states, we won't see them here until mid-2008 (if you can't wait, duck over to New Delhi and get one unlocked for around $900) Personally I can't wait to see this touchscreen in action, ever since I caught Jeff Han previewing the technology at TED Micrsoft are now trying to steal some of the ispotlight with their Surfaces As always, the demos look impressive, love to see how these things work in real life applications..

So that's it, blog 1, stay tuned for more.


Anonymous said...

Hey Glenn. Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm reminded of that map you sent me of online communities: now your paddock can be demarcated clearly overlooking the Gulf of Youtube.
I got an iPhone last week and I have to say its every bit as divine as the ads make them seem. The transitions and animations, the depth of the resolution and the actual usefulness of some of the widgets (maps and weather in particular) in situ have me using it constantly. My resilient Filofax is going to get dusty, which makes me a little sad, but this tool is so handy that I'm going through a personal organisatin and information source paradigm shift, no less.
I hope that with future updates of the software when you sync the phone with upgrades of ITunes, there will be more widgets to choose from, and I can ditch things like the Stocks widget, which is irrelevant to me (Nasdaq only). The beauty of having all tools displayed on a screen with no dedicated buttons is that you can update the screen options so fluidly.
So glad your work is working out, and congrats on the new home: a memorable 2007 for you indeed! Mia