Sunday, July 22, 2007

Google - Painting the town AdSense

The team over at Ia have put together another update of their successful WebTrends Map, I think maybe this time they've got a little clever with the icons and classifiers, or maybe the web 2.0+ world is getting a little messier, but it makes for a cool desktop wallpaper, and there's always a few interesting additions worth a look.

One of the permanent fixtures on the map, which shares one of the biggest font sizes is Google. While the spotlight slightly deviates off Google and onto Facebook (Josh Cantone is asking Is Facebook Worth the Hype?), it's interesting to note their continued developments in doing what they do best - contextual advertising.

They're soon to launch Adsense advertising for web-based games, with PC and console games to come. They say it's currently a 4.1billion dollar online market currently dominated by subscription revenue, by 2012 around 13billion. Be interesting to see how Google will play in this market, and how gamers react to ads on there latest $109.95 PS3 game.

And then there's Google TV AdSense. Google taking AdSense to the TV set. Vincent Dureau, Google’s head of TV technology, makes a very compelling case for the advantages of contextual advertising on television, and it makes a lot of sense. But I don't buy his argument that understanding which ads people skip and which they watch helps build a better understanding of what ads people like. People skip ads period, it ain't Superbowl 24-7.

With their share price taking a 7% cut, and while their still working out how to monetize their aquisitions - insert YouTube here - it'll be a challenging 12 months for Sergey and Larry. How long can they maintain such growth whilst continuing to "do no evil"?