Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuil - My index is bigger than yours

Cuil may be able to “index a far larger portion of the web – faster and more cheaply – than Google” but that ain’t going to matter if there isn’t the relevance, or worse, as in my experience today, the backend to support the traffic.

But what are the real big issues Cuil? The bloggers that drive the early-adopter hype can’t find themselves in the search results. And that hurts them, they got to “cater to vanity”.

I think the standard Google search results page is worth challenging and that “Ten blue links is a simple concept which fails to reflect the huge diversity and variety of information available to you on the Web”, but while index numbers may outweigh Google, what Cuil decides is worthy of page one is the key, and for me that isn’t quite there.. yet.

And enough with the micro-sized search box. Enough with minimal, put a big fat search box on the homepage I can read nice and clearly.