Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Top 6 Local Blogs, Top 5 O/S Blogs

List #2, here are my most-read marketing/digital/web2.0esque blogs. There's a lot that goes into Google Reader these days, but these guys always rise to the top, providing consistently good, honest reads.

6 Local Bloggers worth subscribing to -

Ben Barren – Ben’s been RSS’ing down under for longer than most, his blogs often read like a brain dump of constant thought.. brilliant.

Duncan Riley – ex-Techcruncher, now Inquisitr, one of Australia’s biggest names in the digital game, I still find his personal blog the preferred read.

Dave King’s The Royals – ex-Net-X’r, now king of The Royals, this new blog picks up where hit St Edmonds contributions left off. Smart thinking from a smart man.

Ben Shepherd – DJ Ben Shepherdeu’s Blog about Digital Media tells it how it is on the local scene. Arriving at a good time when Pascoe's Under the Rotunda headed UK way, great analysis from the man from Mindshare.

Laurel Papworth – This Sydney lecturer has also been in the game a long time, her blog focuses on social networks but there’s tangents all over the place making for an entertaining read.

Julian Cole – Naked Comm’s digital guru, Marketing mag contributor, blogger and behind his own 4 dimensions of social media marketing, he's a busy man.

5 O/S Bloggers worth subscribing to -

Talent imitates, genious steals – Another Naked guru, Faris pulls on some excellent resources, worth it for his presentations alone.

Seth Godin – Like an extension of his books, Seth makes you think about obvious things differently.

Scobleizer – Between him and Mike Arrington, probably accumulate more time behind the keyboard (and now the camera) than most in the industry.

Signal vs Noise – The 37 Signals Blog, inspiring stuff from the hit-makers. If you’ve got more time and into web-based app creation, their book, free to browse online, is a must read.

Greg Verdino – Chief strategy officer at crayon, he manages to pick up on things other marketing bloggers don’t.


Anonymous said...

Hi Glenn -

Glad my brand of marketing blog blather translates well down in Melbourne. Thanks for including me in your list!


Dave King said...

ok ok ... *I'll* buy the beer.

Julian Cole said...

Hey Glenn, It is good to be named with these great bloggers, Laurel is also an A-lister for me. Look forward to reading more of your stuff. Jules