Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's the Google market, and Mahalo are invited

Good to see Mahalo (mentioned in my post Users are number one), gaining search traction, #1 with a bullet here on a Google search for Jaz-stick-it-to Noel-Z’s Wonderwall performance at Glastonbury.

As mentioned, I’m a big fan of Mahalo, human-based search engine, providing pre-qualified relevant content. But what’s interesting here is that it becomes the destination, not the search. Google know Mahalo are doing the good work on the content front and weight their search to the Mahalo site accordingly. And here’s the kicker, Mahalo’s rev source is heavily weighted to the Google Ads they serve on each of these pages. Sooo.. It’s in Google’s best interest to support them, Google still win. They own the biggest market in town and Maholo are invited. If you keep the punters happy, you’ll get a nice prominent stall at their market, plenty of exposure. But because what you’re selling is free, they’ll let you sell some of their goods on your table, as long as they get a cut. Google do no evil, but Google find a way to get paid.

For the record, here’s the performance. You miss the lead-in quoting Oasis' Noel ‘Sorry, but I’m not f---king having him at Glastonbury’, and it’s pretty clear the man’s a rapper, not a singer, but much respect to the man -