Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tune in, it's the Google Content Network

So Google and Creator of ‘Family Guy’ Strike a Deal. Got to love The Family Guy, got to love Seth and Co. So he’s giving us 50x2 minute clips, exclusively online via ad units. What is clever is the Google take, it ain’t “AdSense for Advertisers”, it’s the “Google Content Network” for content creators, with ad revenue to boot. This wonderful ad network they’ve created, no longer is just about ads, it’s about content, it becomes the channel.
This could easily be YouTube bread and butter, a custom content channel, it's content that's short, frequent and oh so viral. It's pull content, so why the push? Well, it starts edging some of the control back to the creators, they control the push, they decide the audience, they optimise to suit, and with these factors in mind it starts becoming a lot stronger proposition for advertisers who want to be associated with that content.

At it’s root though, it still doesn’t address the current issues I see in video advertising online, they’re still resorting to the pre-roll, still expecting the advertisers are going to come to the party with relevant snappy pre-roll worthy content, this is always the hard part. Seth’s put out his hand and agreed to help certain advertisers animate their ads, this is a great, but there ain’t many clients that can foot the coin for the Seth bill.

So it will take some clever thinking on the content creators behalf to work out how best to monetize the content and the distribution. But there is some extraordinary potential in what these networks offer - targeted, always on, mass-media channels where you're in control, you control the push. “We feel that we have recreated the mass media,” said Kim Malone Scott, director of sales and operations for AdSense. Damn straight you have.