Sunday, July 13, 2008

SME’s – Google is your friend and you don’t even know it

A nice moment, was playing a round of golf at Ranfurlie, Amstel on the weekend, was a little rough on the directions, so thought I’d throw in “Ranfurlie Amstel” into my Google mobile browser. In first position was the golf course, in the short summary the address. Thank you Google. The mobile version is optimised to show addresses and phone numbers in the search results, and as such I never need visit the Ranfurlie website to solve my problem.

Ranfurlie may never know about this little interaction. But with Google owning 62% of the mobile search market, and with continuing experiences like this, it’s one SME’s need to keep a close eye on beyond the classifieds.

p.s - To Google - a nice touch would have been hyperlinking that address to the Google Maps mobile app, and setting directions from my current GPS location. I'm sure this kind of link can't be too far away.