Friday, July 11, 2008

Barcode2.0 - Introducing QR Codes

OK, a mobile post without mentioning a certain new release phone today, that's the plan. Bit of an undercurrent occurring around QR Codes. QR standing for “Quick Response”, anyone who’s been to Japan will know these things are everywhere. Telstra are starting to put their weight behind them (branded as Telstra Mobile Codes), making the back pages of their own latest catalogue, under the title ‘I am the future’. Caught Antony McGregor Dey, CEO of QM Codes demonstrating at Digital Harbour on Tuesday, including some case studies suggesting some experimenting going on in the space in the UK/US. If this is all new to you, worth checking how they work here. They’re a good opportunity to extend the print offering into the mobile realm, and once you see it work, there is a real viral element to want to try it again. Their unique appearance also provide a good signpost for repeat recognition.

Unless you got a handful of select phones (The N95 I own is one of them) with the required software, already there’s a hurdle to jump before consumers get behind these in full. And by the time they do, there’s a very good chance image recognition software will leapfrog it all together, certainly see some massive opportunities in this space. But for now I’m looking forward to seeing how advertisers and agencies take to QR Codes in innovative ways, let’s just hope it goes beyond ‘save x% if you click here’.

And for future reference - Pixel Paddock QR Code - print it, stick to a t-shirt, spread the love.

Create your own here.


Dave King said...

i've messed with these in the past but couldn't get any recognition of the recent Telstra stuff in Fairfax using my iPhone or Sony Erricsson readers. There really are a bunch of barriers, aren't there? And good on Telstra for taking on the 'educator' role but they've got to get their stories straight. The first week was seemingly aimed at advertisers.. ("hey! here's an easier way to recent promotions! All you have to do is..."). The second week was better with the "private party" Sony Ericsson ad.

Glenn Rogers said...

Agree, it's going to take a lot of work. Telstra are quoting half million subscribers will have access to the software, long way off a tipping point.