Thursday, March 19, 2009

Twitter in the haus

"The Twouble with Twitters" - Great video from the SuperNews crew -
Thanks for the link Rob.

It reminds me of the Nielsen research back in 2006 that stated 95% of people lurk, 9% contribute occasionally and 1% contribute regularly to online communities. With the growth in Twitter, Facebook's emphasis on the News Feed "What's on your mind?" and countless other 3rd party apps, and mobile iterations. All of these seem to cater for an increasing human need for self-assurance. Tweeting to reassure ourselves that we're alive - shouting into dark rooms.

So are we going to start seeing those tables turn? Is it that Nielsen's research within social applications such as Twitter will be turned on it's head? 99% content contribution and but a small % lurking and actually consuming content.

Not sure. But I do think one of the key challenges for Twitter and the like will be filtering. Filtering this huge volume of incoming noise to capture real value. Useful, relevant content for users.


amanda said...

I wasn't aware anyone went to twitter for useful, relevant or valuable content. I kind of thought the appeal of it was its complete abundance of useless information?

This is an interesting post though.