Saturday, July 10, 2010

Apple iWatch - it's time..

Digital watches still have so far to go. Amazes me the opportunities here. While we drool over their pocket-sized cousins, the watch hasn't shared nearly the same spotlight nor evolved at the same rate as phones. And it's the one remaining accessory I carry with me like I do my phone and wallet.

Are Apple stepping up to the plate? With this 3x3cm touch screen previewed perhaps they have a solution in the works.

Touch screen will promote multiple pages, multiple functions. Bluetooth will allow shared content from you idevices. But I've long since thought it was not just a technology challenge, but an aesthetical challenge. And why analog timepieces continue to charge such a premium. I can't help but think if we're capable of developing half-a-million dollars worth of watch to play tennis, somewhere along the line the balance of form vs function has swayed too far one way.

And a challenge Apple consistently delivers on. Here's a mockup for you Apple. A variation on my Nooka Zon.