Monday, December 6, 2010

Tip: Basecamp - Changing user priviledges

A useful workaround I've recently came across on Basecamp.

Recently I was PM'ing a project, and had a contractor included in the project under our same company. As we progressed, it soon became apparent we were sharing more about the project, than any contractor should be privy to. Solution?

  1. Create a new company. Call it the same name as the user if you like.
  2. Edit the users details. Within user details is a drop-down with the available companies. Switch the company from your company, to the new company.

Now you are able to change their admin rights (hide to-do's, milestones), and more importantly, can post messages to only your team (not the contractor company) by selecting the Private Message checkbox, before posting your messages. The user is not notified of this change.

More tips? Basecamp recently published a page full of top tips (ok, this one isn't in there) available here -