Saturday, January 1, 2011

What is wrong with Project Management

James Leal is worthy of a spot on the Shopping Channel with his website 'Project Management Templates'. Offering 100+ templates 'you can be proud of' for not $297.. not $149.. but $99..! Buy now and get an additional 38 templates.. Money back guaranteed!

This is what's wrong with Project Management. Too many people start with a set of cookie cutter documents, lay these over the top of a project, and call it a process. It makes a PM come across as process-driven and organized. It also keeps them busy. But it adds very little to a project.

More time needs to be spent by PM's and Producers on first understanding the project, the stakeholders, the requirements and then creating the right documents for the audiences they serve. And only the minimum level of documentation. So less time is spent managing documents, and more time managing projects.