Friday, February 4, 2011

Project Management Process: The Subway Way

There are now more Subway stores than McDonalds in the US. More than 34,000 Subway stores in 95 countries worldwide. They can open almost anywhere, with 900 Subways in Wal-Mart stores and 200 in military bases. From Ireland to Australia, you know what you get what you walk into a Subway store. They've perfected the franchise. A profitable business model, duplicated easily.

Today I was speaking to my account team on the direction of project management going forward. The need to define and refine project planning process, guidelines, tools and templates. From the project planning sheets, Basecamp templates, project folders, Scope of Work documents, to the communication tools. Get them right for the account, get them consistent. Efficient. Perfect them. Then duplicate them.

Like any great franchise, take what works, package it up and duplicate it across the account. That way any producer can pick it up. Any project size can adapt to it. And every client will know what to expect when they work with your team. Build project management process like you're the Subway of franchises.