Thursday, February 3, 2011

Interactive Producer Jobs: So hot right now

The market for Interactive Producers is hot. And if you're willing to travel a little, the opportunity to work for the best brands in the business has never been better. Not convinced? Here's a selection of killer jobs for killer brands:

The Mill

These guys are the hottest visual effects studio. Work with the best in the business producing Gaming, TV, Film and VFX. Their reel says it all:

Google Creative Labs

The work from the Google Creative Labs team is impressing me more and more. As is their strategy to partner with some of the best studios for UX and Design to produce their work. I'm also biased, as my previous Program Director at Razorfish, Angela, has now joined them as an Executive Producer. Learn from one of the best.

Martin Agency

If you're willing to make it to Richmond, VA, the opportunity to work for the Adweek top agency for 2010 awaits. As the ad says.. Big brand experience.

And that's not all..

Last but not least, there's the opportunity to work with me as a Producer on one of the world's biggest brands, here at the Razorfish NYC office. Get to it.

Add R/GA, fast-moving Huge (who have hired some of the best in design & dev recently) and on the client side, gaming giant EA, and you have a buffet of the best.

If you're an Interactive Producer with the chops to get things done, there's no reason not to be happy in your role, producing great work for great brands.